Reads a TEXT file in the format descriped below and imports it as Generic XML file into the workspace

Format of the text file:

The text file must be tab delimited file. The text file can contain one ore more generic annotation properties. Each property block must start with these 3 lines: the PROPERTY, ID and TYPE line in this order. 

  1. The PROPERTY line must be simply the text '>PROPERTY' alone in one line. This indicates that a new annotation property starts now.
  2. The following line must be the ID line. The ID line has two columns that are seperated by a tabulator character. The ID value can be any alphanumeric text. It serves as annotation property identifier and name. Blanks or special characters are not allowed.
  3. The third line must be the TYPE line.  The property type can be NUMERIC, SYMBOLIC or SETDEF. The latter defines a protein set i.e. the protein codes that shall represent a protein set regardless whether other properties have annotated data for more or less proteins.

The actual values are the protein codes followed by the annotation data. Again the protein code in the first column is speperated by a tabulator character.

Lines that start with a # or are empty are ignored.

Example text file with two annotation properties.:

ID scopfold
TYPE symbolic
gi_123 d.f2
gi_345 c.1
ID designability
TYPE numeric
gi_123 3
gi_345 0.1