Hidden parameters

All settings can be passed to PROMPT as Java System Properties. This means either by the command line with the -D parameter or directly in your Java code via System.setProperty(..,..). Furthermore all key-value pairs of the config file of the PROMPT GUI (bs_studio.cfg.xml) are loaded as Java System Properties too. The bs_studio.cfg.xml file will be loaded from the 1) user.home, 2) the current directory or 3) the JAR file depending where it is found first. If a parameter is set already (e.g. via the command line) it will not be overriden from the value of the XML-cfg file. Please note that all parameters are case-sensitive.

showAll=true Shows all functions and options of PROMPT. Please be aware that these functions are all in alpha testing state and/or for internal usage only
hideVersion=true Hides the version string in the PROMPT GUI window title. This may be useful if screenshots or screencasts should be recorded.
scriptingMode=true Suppresses all message boxes including error or user interactions. Use this parameter in your scripts, pipelines or server environments that are not intended for human interactions.
rproject.rexe Path to the R executable (see help pages for more information)
splus.home Root directory of a S-PLUS installation if any

Skips the self-check of the Java-Runtime Version
(Must be set as JVM machine argument! e.g. java -Dskipvercheck=true -jar prompt_complete.jar )


URL of the WSDL File describing the web service, may be changed to
to query only your local server running the web service.

def.dbUser Default database user if a direct database connection should be tried
def.dbPassword Default database password
def.dbDriver Default database driver
def.dbUrl Default database url
proxySet Are we behind a HTTP Proxy (true or false)
proxyHost IP or Domainname
proxyPort Proxyport